Thursday, December 18, 2014

You may know her, too

Challenges are like a red flag to me. If it's something in or near my wheel house, then I simply cannot resist. And, if it is a challenge from my rather small fiber art group, then I'm obligated.

And yet, as soon as I start on the challenge, I start to freeze up.  It starts in my head and works its way down to my finger tips. I begin to believe that I am a most uncreative being.

Part of my mind dismisses this. After all, I do truly believe that we are all creative. I believe that we were created to be creative. Uncreative is not even a real word.

And yet, that voice starts in on me...

That's too easy.
That's so predictable.
That is ugly.

The voice just goes on and on, if I don't rein her in. Maybe playing with some fabric helps?

Another solution is to just make something. Anything. Maybe that is why I so enjoyed making these easy bath robes for the grands. OTOH, I truly did think about them and how sweet they are as I assembled these little garments.

Yet another solution is make something with potential to be artistic. Maybe try a technique that intrigues. Yes, that is when she is most vocal, most articulate, most destructive.

I'm thinking a more effective solution is to shush her and move on. That is what I am doing today.


OK, I feel better now. How about you? Do you know your inner critic as well as I do?


  1. You have no idea! Good luck on getting some mojo-inspiring traction!

  2. oh yes, she lives in me too.

  3. Yep, she really gets around, doesn't she?!!!

  4. Ya gotta just cover your ears when she's around. Which can be difficult when you're trying to use your hands. But it can be done. Don't listen to her, because you are a spark of creativity, and you can get a fire going any time you want!

  5. I typically acknowledge her, thank her for her input, and then say something like... but I'm going to _______ instead. When my inner artist speaks up, I do the same thing except I pay attention to what she's saying. It may be the answer or it may be the stepping stone to the answer. I find thanking and hushing one and thanking and paying attention to the other works quite well.