Monday, December 15, 2014

Two Easy Robes

Simple and relaxing. That is the kind of sewing I enjoy at this time of year. Simplicity 1562 was just right.

The pattern envelope contains patterns for children, teens and adults. It is a classic design with the shawl collar, belt in carriers, and patch pockets.

A grandson and a granddaughter selected their own fabric at JoAnn's. Can you tell? I washed both pieces of fleece and set them aside so I could dread sewing it a little while.

Honestly this fleece was a pleasure to sew. It's fluffy so I used pattern weights, instead of pins for cutting it out. I did learn to never, ever again cut it with the rotary cutter. Something about the depth of the pile and texture - it sank into the surface of my cutting mat and scarred it a little.

Sewing fleece is such a breeze - I had forgotten. Of course, it does not ravel, so no need to finish edges. I haven't hemmed these robes and yet they look finished, I think. I'm waiting for the grands to try them on before hemming.

There were parts of the pattern instructions that were inappropriate for fleece. For example, the neckline/collar seam is to be finished by turning the raw edge of the upper collar under and slip-stitching it in place along the back neckline. I used the old stitch-in-the-ditch technique to stitch the upper and under collars in place along the back neckline seam. The thread completely disappeared into the pile.

There were parts of the instructions that cried out to be ignored. The instructions for creating the belt were surprising. You are instructed to sew across both short ends and down the long edge, leaving an opening large enough to turn the belt right side out.

Seriously, there must be a gazillion ways to turn a tube that are easier than this.

This time I sewed the long edges together, attached a large safety pin to one end and turned it inside out easily. And with this fleece, there was no need to finish the short ends anyway. I made the belt carriers in the same way.

Barbara at sewing on the edge has just posted her concern about patterns with overly-complex instructions that have a low probability of success for the new sewer. And the new sewer may not know of other ways. Barbara is threatening to write a book. I hope she does. I will want it on my shelf. I have a hunch she knows LOTS of the cool tricks.

Because these bath robes were so simple, I decided to fussy-cut the patch pockets so that the pattern would match. I'm fairly certain this detail will go unnoticed by the grands but it's nice to have at least a small challenge. It's the simple things that make me happy.

The black pockets with stars were a little frustrating until I realized I had flipped the fabric. Hello Kitty was easy-peasy to match. And Hello, Kitty makes me smile.

The pattern has virtually no finishing details and leaves the facing flopping around in the front. This was easily fixed by machine-stitching the facing to the fronts along the facing edges. And I like that extra vertical line.

This pattern is actually pretty well drafted, I think. I will buy it again and keep the tissue intact. It is a classic bath robe. Not exciting, but so, so comfy and useful.


  1. Beautifully done and holy cow that print matching! Bravo!

  2. What fun, stress-free projects for December. I love the Hello, Kitty print. Very cute. And awesome print matching on your part!

  3. I think I will have to pick up that pattern....too cute with the fabrics your grands chose! I'll be in the market for something like this as a gift in a few more years.....and yes: Hello Kitty!
    Tell me about your weights....did you make those? They are very much eye candy to me!


  4. So cute! I love making robes for family, it's so personal. Great idea to let them pick out the fabric.

  5. The kids will love their new robes and you again have inspired me to look through my patterns for a similar project. Who knew I would need a fluffy robe in AZ?

  6. I am having trouble with the collar. Both attaching it to the back the back center and to the front. The instructions are slightly confusing as I am still pretty novice when it comes to sewing. Can you explain how to do it in simpleton form as apposed to Simplicity lingo? lol It would be greatly appreciated! thanks in advance!

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    2. What is your email address? I'll send you detail via email.