Saturday, December 27, 2014


Corduroy: corde du roi, fabric of the king, dating back to the 18th century.

pure comfort

To me it is like comfort food. It is the fabric I reach for when the weather turns cold.

And brown corduroy? It doesn't get any better than that.

The back is longer than the front.

Louise Cutting's latest pattern - Just My Style - arrived in my mail box yesterday and I like it. I did not make this yesterday though. Louise shared proofs with me when I attended the Ann Williamson workshop that Louise hosted in October. There were no instructions, just pattern pieces.

great shoulder
Even without the instructions, it was a fun make. And it is different from her other pull-over tops.

The armscye is low like many of her drop-shouldered patterns. The key difference is that the shoulder seam sits right at the shoulder. I really like this and find it more flattering than a drop shoulder.

The theme is pockets, and who doesn't love a few cool pockets? View A calls for one large pocket on the lower portion of the front, and two overlapping smaller pockets in the chest area. I decided to put my second small pocket on the opposite sleeve, rather than overlapping the two. That overlapping look is quite charming when different fabrics are used. My goal was a simple shirt that I could wear with almost anything.

The pattern calls for a self-fabric bias trim at the neckline. Even though my fabric is baby whale corduroy, I didn't want to make binding with it. Instead I used a remnant of cotton batik on the neckline and to create cuffs on the sleeves.

And of course, I added a little sashiko. The neckline is outlined and the cuffs are sewn down with the sashiko stitch. Or kantha stitch. Or running stitch. This reminds me that I am still dreaming about making a garment quilted with this stitch, kantha-style. That will be a long-term project, not a quick make like this.


I think that this pattern may become a TNT. And I look forward to making it again with all of the excellent instructions that are in the CLD patterns. Oh, and view B is completely different. Another two-fer from Louise!


  1. I love it. The batik trim and the pocket placement really makes it unique.

  2. A comfy winter winner in my book!

  3. Perfect wardrobe workhorse! i would not be surprised if this became a TNT for you at all. The rust is stunning with your coloring, esp. your hair. And the pockets are wonderfully lighthearted.

    Happy New Year!!! steph

  4. Beautiful Martha! Perfectly executed as always.

  5. Love your individual touches on the neckline, cuffs and pockets. A practical garment that has personality.

  6. I really like the corduroy. I'd have never thought of using that! My pattern will probably be waiting when I go home next weekend. Was happy to read about the armscye and the sleeve fitting on the shoulders. Thanks for sharing
    Marcia from SG

  7. Enjoy your blog. First time I have commented. This is a nice and simple looking pattern, something I need.

  8. Wonderful! I might even have to make this one! Love how you changed the pocket, and also added the batik at the neckline and sleeve. That shirt looks so comfy, I'd probably take it off only long enough to launder it!
    Happy New Year Sweet Martha!


  9. Love that you placed a pocket on the sleeve. The batik binding is a nice way to add visual texture. I like this look for you!
    Wishing you all the best in the New Year!