Thursday, May 18, 2017

Indygo Junction Urban Tunic

This is a tunic I finished before I left for my trip to Paris. I even wore it once to dinner. Now I finally have time to blog about it.

I love it.

The Urban Tunic from Indygo Junction first came to my attention at Camp Runamuck, where Theresa discusses weaving, sewing, and the state of the union. I loved her versions and now believe I'll be making various versions of it too.

I made a partial toile (muslin) before cutting into my black linen. Much was revealed. I could see that I needed to lower the bust point about an inch, add a bit for hip room, and carefully ease in some fullness in the front armscye where gaposis was beginning. I also added 3 inches to the length so that it would be a dress, rather than a tunic. 

I chose the view with the cowl neckline. I like this in principle but in practice it is a little low for my comfort. I wore it last night with a necklace and that helped a bit.

I love the pockets. They are the simple in-seam style with little bulk because the pocket is stitched to the dress. I prefer this over a loose pocket with extra floppy bulk right where I don't want it. 

I finished the armscye with bias binding made from the black linen. It's a finish that appeals to me more than facings, at least in this case.

The additional 3 inches I added to the length did make this long enough to be considered a dress. Just. I added another bias strip of the linen to the hemline using a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Then I pressed it to the wrong side and top-stitched three times to secure it. I left the edge of the bias raw on the inside of the hem to avoid a lump.

I'd like to make another Urban Tunic soon, perhaps with the boat neck. That is the neckline used in my toile and it is just right. It might be that if I make this in a lighter color, I'll be brave enough to wear it with naked legs. My legs are so pale, it would almost have to be a white dress. We'll see.

In sum, I highly recommend this pattern and expect to be making more as tunics and, maybe, dresses. You know how it is with dresses. They are not the first item I grab when I'm getting dressed in the morning. 


  1. Comfy and elegant at the same time! Your version is sooooo much nicer than the examples on the company's website! That pattern has definite possibilities.

  2. Looks wonderful Martha! I always do self bias binding instead of facings. I find that putting tunic on the mannequin the easiest option for doing that collar. I don't know how the pattern has you do it, but I sew the wrong side first, bring the collar to the front(I've ironed a fold line), pin and then sew, sort of like a big fat binding I guess! It would make an awesome maxi dress in the right fabric.