Sunday, May 14, 2017

MMM Day 14

Today was a good day for layers. We traveled from Paris to Versailles, a short distance by train. We took a wonderful bike tour of Versailles. The weather was nearly perfect. It did pour on us while we tried to have a picnic.


No surprise there - once again the Helix in black ponte. These are about ready to stand up and walk back to Atlanta. I will NOT be wearing them again this trip. But I do love them still.


This is the Mix It top from the Sewing Workshop. I have made this many times but this is one of my favorite. The fabric is a crisp cotton I purchased from Discover Sewing in Atlanta, I think. It has faded some but I think I like it even better with the color knocked back a bit. It seems to go with everything.

Jacket 1:

My next layer is a Katherine Tilton design for Butterick (5891). The pattern contains a sleeveless top that is most often pictured. The jacket takes a back seat compared to the very interesting lines of the sleeveless shirt. But I like the jacket.

The fabric is Brussels washer in black and white so it reads gray. It serves as a light layer over the Mix It top.

Jacket 2:

There was a bit of rain, here and there, so I was glad to have my raincoat version of the Soho coat from the Sewing Workshop. It packs easily as it is very light. It would not have been enough during the down pour but it was perfect most of the rest of the time.

There was actually another layer, provided by the bike company. This was a huge poncho with a hood and very, very long sleeves. It probably looked like a dress on me. But, boy, did it work during the down pour.

Happy Mother's Day to you, if it applies. My day was grand!


  1. Love the shot at the train station. I remember them well! Also took that same train to Versailles one weekend. Wish we still had trains like that in this country. Re the Helix pants or similar style, I'm thinking a lighter weight stretch denim in a grey/black would be perfect with your ensembles vs the black ponte.

  2. Yes, the shot at the train station is very good, I've also made the mix it top using chiffon, adding a string at the neckline (wear it loose) to tie a bow if very much. Have MT jacket pattern, fabric picked out...maybe that will be my next make. Love your clothes, and you too...and just met you! Laura PS Took the same train, like the little town of Versailles very much. All great makes!