Sunday, May 21, 2017

MMM Day 21

Today I wore a partial repeat but had the opportunity to wear a favorite from last year's hot weather.

This is the Eureka top, another pattern from the Sewing Workshop. I've never made the skirt but the top is an easy make and often just right for warm weather. The fabric is a rayon navy and white pin stripe. I always like sewing with stripes - so many ways to use it.

The pants are, once again, my super light weight one-seams.

I think I'm back home for a while and may be able to vary the final 10 days of Me-Made-May a bit more. Meanwhile here are some works-in-progress, intentionally slow-going.


  1. So looking forward to what you're doing with the sashiko - or is it quilting? I think it's the former, but hard to tell. I do a lot of hand quilting that looks similar. Great little shirt!

  2. I'm really enjoying your elegant MMM. And the works-in-progress are fascinating.