Wednesday, May 31, 2017

MMM Day 31

Here it is, the last day of May, and so the last day of Me-Made-May for 2017. I actually thought I'd skip it this year but changed my mind. In previous years I posted to Flickr and I was unsure I could realistically post to my blog every day. Well, it worked out just fine. And I learned some helpful ideas for refining my wardrobe.


The tunic is made using Vogue 9171. This is a pattern designed by Marcy Tilton. I like it quite a lot. I raised the neckline as I always do with Marcy Tilton designs, and I changed the sleeves a bit, omitting the gathering at the cuff. I really like the cleverly engineered pockets and the easy fit. The fabric is Brussels washer, a linen-rayon blend.


These are my cropped Helix pants made with a firm black ponte. Both pattern and fabric are from the Sewing Workshop.

Here is what the girls made at Camp Sew 'N' Sew today, a towel with an attached bag. You stuff the towel in the bag and wear it as a back pack. There's still room for a key, swim suit, sun screen and so on. Kudos to sewing sista' Rena for its design.

Lastly, here is a shout-out to anyone who has followed my blog this month. I've enjoyed seeing some very nice comments. Thanks so much!


  1. Thank you for posting every day this month! It has been very nice to see your outfits every day. I have put a few patterns on my list. Your style aesthetic is unique and chic!

  2. Martha,
    I have loved every single one of your daily blogs. You have given me so much inspiration towards a "MeMade" wardrobe. I paid particular attention to your travel wardrobe during your trip to Paris. After following you on your journey, I made some slight alterations to my own MeMade wardrobe for our trip to Scotland. We leave next Friday.
    I made eight pairs of pants (four Hudson's and four Helix) and five shirts (three Eureka's and two Hudson's) this month! Thanks so much for sharing, I will miss seeing your daily blog.
    Enjoy Camp Sew "N" Sew. It looks like fun.
    Abbie Van Doren

  3. I like your outfit very much, now I WANT to make the tunic as well. Like your version very much....also your styling with the red necklace.
    Going to the garden right now, but this afternoon will be in the sewing room after your last 31 days of MeMades.....I'm inspired!

  4. THANK YOU for your efforts to blog every day this month. It's been like a fashion show every day, and I have to say I've got my eye on a couple patterns you've sewn. I'm sure it was tough to keep it going, especially while you were traveling, but it was awfully nice for us readers. Much appreciated!

  5. Love your style, so Eileen Fisher looking!

  6. Thank you for posting every day in May with your wonderful, so wonderfully put-together wardrobe. Not only is your sewing impressive, but you have a great sense of style. I'd love to apply your clothing sensibility to my wardrobe. I'm trying to figure out how to do that in my part of the world, in which Birkenstocks and flip-flops rule the day.

  7. I'm binge-reading your MMM posts this morning. What a nice treat! Thanks fir the posts.