Monday, May 15, 2017

MMM Day 15

Today is my last full day in Paris, this time. I hope to return before too much time passes but this has been a great trip. Today's adventures included a visit to the church of St. Sulpice, a lovely church with a meridian marked by a brass line. A small light passes the meridian each day at true noon.

Behind the church I visited a store named Souleaido in hopes of purchasing fabric. They are famous for the design of those brightly colored cotton prints associated with the Provence region. When I was here in 2005, I bought several meters that I incorporated into clothing, as well as quilts. Alas, they no longer sell yardage. They only sell clothing and home accessories. I purchased a small table cloth that can be used as a scarf. Though you can buy knock-offs in similar prints, their cotton was very high quality fabric. I am so sad that they no longer sell yardage.

Next we visited Notre Dame and had lunch at an adjacent sidewalk cafe. Oh, Paris in the spring is divine!

Lastly we attempted to walk to the Eiffel Tower. We got part way there before realizing just how far it was from Notre Dame, particularly since we were following the Seine. We took one of those tricycle cabs for about the last half. Unfortunately the tricycle broke a chain and we had to walk the last few blocks. I am really getting my steps in!

It's not possible to leave without this shot!


These are Helix pants in a medium gray ponte also purchased at the Sewing Workshop.



This is the Odette view from TSW's Odette and Ivy pattern. I've made both. I would love to make a darker Odette. The white knit is certainly great for travel though.

I may be just about ready to return home to my relaxing sewing space!

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