Friday, May 5, 2017

MMM Day 5 - Cinco de Mayo, of course!

Happy Cinco de Mayo to you. It is the one day I am not tempted to go to a Tex-Mex restaurant.

Today is continuing rainy drab weather and a little chilly, so I'm wearing a pure comfort ensemble:


This is a TNT for me, from Folkwear's Japanese Field Clothing. I've made it many times but this is the best one. It is made from medium-weight denim that has softened with each wash. I added lots of hand-work to it, particularly sashiko. I've also made the pants in the pattern, a clever pattern if you have interest in no-waste sewing. All the garments in this pattern are made from rectangles, including the pants.

The covers of Folkwear patterns are small works of art.
As I sat in a hospital waiting room while our 34 year old son had surgery for complications of a stroke, this was the perfect zen sewing. Now 40, he has healed almost completely and he knows exactly how to prevent this in the future. Another story. But I love this jacket even more with each wearing. It has required several repairs which I've done boro-style.


You cannot really see it but it is a modified version of Zen from the Sewing Workshop's Now and Zen pattern. The fabric is a yummy cotton shirting from Gail K in Atlanta. I omitted the collar, shortened the sleeves to 3/4 length and added a hip-level pocket.


Well, talk about pure comfort! These are the Hudson pants from the Sewing Workshop. These too are made from a medium weight cotton denim. The highlight of the pants is the darts at the hem that I emphasized with jeans-like top-stitching. It's great to have a pair of not-really-jeans jeans for lounging.

And in my sewing space, a little sashiko always improves my mood:


  1. I look forward to your posts,all of your makes seem to have a pared down easy to wear elegance

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  3. You totally rock this outfit. Gorgeous as always Martha!