Sunday, May 28, 2017

MMM Day 28

As I compose this post, I am anxious, anxious to go sew. For me.

And I'm preparing for a week of Camp Sew 'n' Sew next week. So. No sewing me. But lots and lots of fun!


This is the updated San Diego top from the Sewing Workshop. It came out years ago as a jacket with dropped shoulders. They've updated it to include a closer fitting top and an interesting tunic. So far I've only made the updated top. This is a silk-linen blend that I think I purchased a Textile Fabrics in Nashville TN. I think I must have lengthened the sleeves a few inches.


These are the Quincy pants, also a TSW pattern. The pattern contains a jacket and these narrow leg, elastic waist pants. Mine are made from either a brushed silk or maybe a brushed rayon. Super light weight and lovely to wear.

I have a new pair of Quincy pants cut out and ready to sew.


  1. Great outfit! Looks so comfortable.
    Enjoy the camp!!!

  2. I've loved all your Mmm17 posts. It's interesting how much the TSW style suits your lifestyle. I still dot around a variety of companies but it is a simple top and trousers which I most often retreat to. Must make more!