Thursday, May 4, 2017

MMM Day 4

Day 4 of Me-Made-May is a rainy day where I live. It's the perfect day for sewing. However I've allowed errands to build up and it's time to deal with it. So here is my get-it-done ensemble:


I love this raincoat, a modified version of the Sewing Workshop's (TSW) Soho coat:

The original is quite long and I really prefer a 3/4 length coat. I think I cut off about 15 inches. The fabric is a double cloth with black nylon on one side and a black and cream striped rayon knit on the other. It was surprisingly easy to sew though I had to be attentive when ironing - mostly I just steamed it. I see that the two sides are beginning to separate with the nylon clinging in folds to the knit. I'm not sure how long I'll continue to love it.


This is the Hudson top from TSW, one of the easiest patterns in their line up. And it comes with fun pants. The fabric is a cotton Ikat from Gail K, window pane patterned.


This is a modification of the Urban pants, also from TSW. I simply omitted the front opening. The fabric is probably a linen-cotton blend, a cross-dyed black and cream.

Even though I have to run errands which I do not enjoy, I still have something perking in my sewing space:

So how about you? What's perking in your sewing space?


  1. I am really enjoying seeing your outfits on a daily basis!

    My sewing space today will include something extremely rare - fabric for SOMEONE ELSE. I am making a summer bathrobe for my husband.

  2. I am intrigued by what's on your sewing table, it looks gorgeous! As does your OOTD. You really rock TSW patterns.

  3. Currently a pair of blue flowery trousers are marinating in the sewing cookshop. I hope they come out as well as your things always do 😄