Saturday, May 20, 2017

MMM Day 20

I'm headed to a softball tournament for granddaughter. It should be warm. No, it'll be hot:


These are the lightest pants I own in a very light weight denim. They are the tapered one-seams from Cutting Line Designs. I just shortened them a tad for summer wear. Slightly cropped seems better to me than pooled at my ankles. Especially when it's hot.


This is the tank or shell view of the MixIt pattern from the Sewing Workshop. Nothing could be easier to make and wear, IMO. This fabric is a linen-cotton blend in a cross dye of navy and cream.


  1. I have never had any luck with making pants. Figuring out crotch lengths and avoiding the smile lines have prevented me from trying anymore. How do you make it work? I am average height and weight: barely a waist on hips. If it fits in the waist it's huge in the hips, if it fits in the hips it's too tight in the waist. I'd love to try the patterns you use but don't know how to make it work or even start.

  2. I'm enjoying seeing you MMM posts. The Mixit is a great pattern. I started with the shirt, made a muslin, and had my sewing teacher help me make pattern alterations. Now it is the only woven bodice I use. It is the base, the start for every shirt. Love the tank and the top. I'm working now on the Tunic Bible. "My" tunic, of course, started with the Mixit top.