Monday, May 8, 2017

MMM Day 8

Today is chocked full of errands. It's a little chilly but will probably warm up shortly. So I'm running out the door in this ensemble:


This is the Peony pattern from the Sewing Workshop. Many years ago it was issued in a pattern with another vest, Poppy. Poppy was perhaps the more interesting but the least wearable. Peony is now a download-only pattern. It is composed of such simple shapes with lots of opportunity for variations. I've made it many times.

This one is in medium-weight denim. It started out quite plain and I took it with me on trips, adding the seed-stitch as I had time. The seed-stitch is used to create negative space for some creatures. It's finished now, I think. I added a simple patch pocket and a simple collar to the original design.


You cannot see it clearly but it's a a long-sleeved shirt with no collar and a front placket with a single button. It is a great layering piece. The pattern is from Cutting Line Designs Artist In Motion, a pattern containing this shirt and a vest. I got to name it for Louise, so that was fun. The fabric reads like a light-weight denim but it's a cross-dyed cotton that I embellished with sashiko.


These are, once again, Helix pants (Sewing Workshop) in navy ponte from Gail K in Atlanta. It must be a ponte roma because it is softer like the one often labeled Sophia. It tends to grow over time and I've shortened them more than once. They are wonderfully comfortable.

Meanwhile when I have time from errands, I doing some pattern work on a new-to-me pattern, the Urban Tunic from Indygo Junction.

I made a toile/muslin for the upper body and learned a great deal. Now I just have to find time to cut it out!

I made just the upper portion and cut off the seam allowances on the neckline and armholes. The bust darts must be lowered an inch. The armhole needs a bit more fabric about 3/4 of the way down on the front piece, plus it'll need some of Marcy Tilton's stay-stitch-plus to avoid gap-osis there. I am adding 3 inches to the length in hopes it can be a summer dress instead of a tunic. I added 1/4 inch to back SA to allow for upper back curve and added about 1/2 inch to hips. Here's hoping it all works!


  1. Love your Peony Vest version -
    really dresses up a daily outfit!

  2. Don't you look nice in that outfit! The new IJ pattern looks promising--I'll stay tuned for the reveal!