Saturday, May 6, 2017

MMM Day 6

Today's ensemble is knit pants plus a new top that I finished yesterday:


These are my favorite knit pants pattern - the Helix from the Sewing Workshop. The fabric is medium-weight ponte in a deep eggplant color. I purchased the fabric from the Sewing Workshop. This pattern is perfectly suited to a firm double knit like ponte.


This is my most recent make. It too is from the Sewing Workshop, as yet unpublished. They had a mock-up at the shop when I attended Sew Kansas last summer and I was able to trace the pattern. Though I've now made it three times, I will purchase it again when/if it comes out. There is a sort-of tricky hem at the sides and I'd love to know how they suggest hemming.

It is a super simple top with a boat neck and 3/4 length straight sleeves. There is no side seam. Instead there is a skinny trapezoidal pattern piece that connects the front to the back. This side piece is about 1.5 inches shorter than the front, as well as the back, and that's where the hem is a little tricky. I hemmed the trapezoid before attaching it to the front or back. Then I hemmed the front and back wrapping around the trapezoid hem. It's fairly neat but I'd love to know their approach.

Inserting the bias tubes into the facing was finicky. I handled it by sewing the front slit in two separate passes.
I modified the neckline to include this bib piece in the front and the back. It is actually just a large facing that is attached in reverse so that it flips to the right side. There is a coordinating bib in the back. I suspect there is a better term than bib to describe it.

Here you can see the side panels in horizontal stripe.
When I finished it, I realized that the front slit was too low for my tastes. Of course I can wear a cami or a shell, but I don't like being forced into that. So I added some sashiko to bring it up a little.

It is very light weigh cotton, probably from India, purchased at Gail K in Atlanta. The weight is similar to voile but not transparent. I think I'll enjoy it especially as the hot summer approaches.


  1. Now that's a top pattern I'll buy when it comes out, Martha! I love your version taking advantage of the stripes. The Helix pant is one of my favorites too.


  2. Such pretty fabric on the top - it really showcases the design, nice!

  3. Really like the top and how you used the stripe fabric!

  4. Martha- I have followed you for some time and now that I am retired would like to emulate your style so this series is very helpful to me. Just wanted to say thanks!

  5. This top is lovely, and I like your addition of the bibs.